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Compromise with Evil
Casual readers should be aware that most of the synopses reveal the outcome of the story.
You read them at your own risk of spoiling the story.

Aleck and Emma return to the North intending to ‘take the war to the tyrants’. They are attached to a guerrilla cell in the capital city. There is conflict between those who see violent action as inevitable and those like Aleck and Emma who stress the importance of disrupting the activities of the authorities without endangering innocent people and without their abandoning their commitment to peaceful action. Sometimes, they are compelled to compromise their principle and whilst engaged in a gun running operation, Aleck is captured and interrogated but, eventually, he is rescued by a rival and more violent guerrilla group, the tyrannical government is defeated and Aleck is reunited with Emma. Aleck’s awareness of his own sexuality and Emma’s response to this continue to be developed.

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