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Escape into Danger
Casual readers should be aware that most of the synopses reveal the outcome of the story.
You read them at your own risk of spoiling the story.

The sequel opens a few minutes before the end of the first volume and, indeed, the dialogue in the first 1,500 words is identical in both stories – although the narrative is modified to suit an opening chapter.

Aleck and Emma make their way through the forest to a cave hide out that Emma has previously prepared against the possibility of flight and where they succeed in living for the week that they have been told they must wait before contacting the guerrilla cell that controls the safe house. When they leave, they foolishly return to a hut formerly used by the guerrilla leader. It is under surveillance and Emma is shot and wounded. Nevertheless, they get away and succeed in kidnapping a security agent whose car they hi jack. They force him to assist them in their flight. Eventually, they manage to reach the safe house and become involved in plans to hi jack an aircraft so that guerrilla casualties can be evacuated to the Leading Light HQ located south of the equatorial zone, an area almost impassable without air transport. In the attack on the airport, both Aleck and Emma are badly injured but the guerrillas succeed in reaching their headquarters located in a warren of caves and tunnels in the foot of an extinct volcano.

It turns out that it was Emma who triggered the bomb that killed Edward Teach, the governor in the first volume, and there is a chapter devoted to her exploring with Aleck her motivation, including her mother’s having been seduced by Teach, her father’s having been executed at his behest and Emma herself, while still a small child, having been subjected to abuse by him. Emma, we discover, was subsequently adopted by parents she loves but she is, nevertheless, tormented by the death of the governor. He was killed to protect Leading Light, she says, but she enjoyed taking revenge even though she believes that revenge is wrong.

The guerrilla base is attacked from the air and a number of people, including their friend, James, are killed. Aleck and Emma join an expedition to replace a radio relay station on which the guerrillas’ communications with their colleagues in the North vitally depend – a project which requires a hazardous ten week journey on foot through the mountains and deserts of the equatorial zone and which brings about the deaths of several of the party through the stress of the journey and as a result of attacks by government forces. Aleck and Emma, however, manage to return to base as the only survivors.

Aleck’s awareness of his own sexuality and Emma’s response to this are gently developed.

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