Novels for Young Adults

There are five novels for young adults in my portfolio. The first chapter of each is included in this web-site.

Talon Sacker and The Story of X are stand alone stories.

Better Dead, Escape into Danger and Compromise with Evil form the Carmenta Trilogy.

These three novels are concerned with the adventures of Aleck Blackfield. Although they are set very firmly in the future on a distant world, they are not intended as conventional science fiction – and they are certainly not fantasy – rather, they are gritty accounts of an ordinary teenager’s journey to the brink of maturity as a freedom fighter in a closed society controlled by a tyrannical government.

A sixth story, Mobs, is in the editing stage and its first chapter is also included.

All the novels are concerned with basically decent, but perhaps flawed, teenagers coping with life in dysfunctional societies.